Juqi Antique City 聚奇古玩城

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Photograph: Yu Zhiming
1539 Lingshi Lu
Set inside a whopping three-storey building that’s filled with keen-eyed thrifters and enthusiastic sellers, this market has everything from antique dolls, vintage toys and books to movie posters, vinyl records and crockery. Early risers can visit the famous ‘ghost market’ on the third floor that’s open on Friday mornings from 5am where many sellers already pack up before midday. If that’s a little bit too early, make way to the second floor (with longstanding vendors and better-preserved goods) where your middle-school maths and persistence will help greatly in striking deals. Take note: here ‘yi kuai’ means 100RMB not 1RMB and ‘wu mao’ means 50RMB not 0.5RMB. This is how the antique dealing community can tell you’re an insider. Now you are.
Venue name: Juqi Antique City 聚奇古玩城
Opening hours: 5am-2pm (daily); Third floor opens Friday only
English address: 1539 Lingshi Lu, near Nanhuayuan Lu.
Chinese address: 灵石路1539号,近南花园路