Tianshan Tea City

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Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe
520 Zhongshan Xi Lu

A multi-level tea leaves metropolis, Tianshan Tea City is home to more than 150 shops and stalls all selling vast varieties of Chinese tea and everything that goes with it.

Exploring this vast tea-vending labyrinth, you’ll nd stores selling various kinds of loose-leaf tea including favourites such as oolong, Long jing and black tea, as well as an assortment of fruit and health varieties. Prepare to be semi-tea ceremonied – many places will brew some tea for you to try before you buy – and do your research before you go. While most standard 500g bags range from 35 to 100RMB, some shop owners may try to exorbitantly raise the rates for noobs.

Venue name: Tianshan Tea City
Opening hours: 9am-8.30pm daily
Admission: FREE
Mobile: 188 1721 7388
Metro: Zhongshan Park
English address: 520 Zhongshan Xi Lu Yuping Lu Changning
Chinese address: 长宁区中山西路520号, 近玉屏路