Yanwu Climbing Gym (Pudong)

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1200 World Expo Avenue
This climbing wall is within the walls of Mercedes-Benz Arena, but is it the Mercedes-Benz of climbing gyms? The gym is clean and well put together but small, just taking up a corner hallway of the retail area beneath the arena. It has seven ropes, three of them rigged to auto belay spools, for high rope climbing, and a bouldering area. The bouldering wall isn’t very wide, but it’s high, around eight meters, and packed with clearly marked and coloured routes.

100RMB for a day pass; 360RMB for a five-times pass; 650RMB for a 10-times pass; 3,600RMB for a one year pass. 2,500RMB for 10-hour beginner course; 4,600RMB for a 20-hour intermediate course; 6,000RMB for 30-hour advanced course.
Venue name: Yanwu Climbing Gym (Pudong)
Opening hours: 1-10pm Mon-Fri, 10am-9pm Sat-Sun
WeChat: rockdancing
English address: B1-1007, 1200 World Expo Avenue, near Shangnan Lu, Pudong