S.U.S International Arena

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Photograph: courtesy S.U.S International Arena
2000 Wenxiang Lu
Even if you’re someone who ends up spending most of their time on the floor when it comes to ice skating, you can’t help but feel at least a little professional under the lights of this 8,000-seater stadium – once the site for qualifying for the 2010 Winter Olympics women’s hockey event. As you’d expect of a space that’s hosted elite-level competition, the 1,860sqm ice surface is well-maintained, but you'll have to share half of it with athletes training or people taking sport classes like figure skating or ice hockey.

Aside from a lengthy journey into Songjiang, a three-hour session will set you back 60 RMB or 40RMB if you have student ID (plus 15RMB for shoe rental). Also be aware that before heading out, you must first book a slot through the WeChat account '松江大学城体育馆滑冰馆'.
Venue name: S.U.S International Arena
Opening hours: 5-8pm (Monday, Friday) 3-8pm (Tuesday, Thursday) 1-8pm (Saturday, Sunday)
WeChat: 松江大学城体育馆滑冰馆
Metro: Songjiang University Town
English address: 2000 Wenxiang Lu, near Longyuan Lu, Songjiang district
Chinese address: 文翔路2000号,近龙源路