Guangfulin Park

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Photograph: courtesy Songjiang University 
Photograph: courtesy Songjiang University 
Photograph: courtesy Songjiang University 
3260 Guangfulin Lu
Guangfulin Park is a heritage site near Songjiang University. Because of its enormous size and ongoing excavation, only certain phases have been opened to tourists. One of the most popular spots is the Guangfulin Cultural Exhibition Hall as it appears to be a dome 'floating' on the Fulin Lake, and its exhibition space is mostly underground (or underwater, really). You can visit its many exhibition halls and museums which contain artefacts believed to be from the Late Stone Age to Zhou Dynasty.
Venue name: Guangfulin Park
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-5pm
WeChat: gh_f969cb878711
Metro: Songjiang University Town
English address: 3260 Guangfulin Lu, near Songchen Gong Lu
Chinese address: 广富林路3260弄广富林文化遗址