East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club

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Photograph: Yang Xiaozhe
663 Hongqiao Lu
One of the benefits of China’s lax attitudes towards security is that you can gain use of a firearm here by simply showing a cashier a scan of your passport. Once you’ve done that you get to choose from a Baikal rifle or a Sig Sauer, Beretta 87 .22, Walther or Pardini pistol and slug out bullets at 10RMB a pop (8RMB for the Walther) towards a paper target in a ramshackle range. It’s great fun but for novices it’ll take at least ten shots to get your schema sorted, so the bullet costs soon add up. A more wallet-friendly option is the archery range, where it’s 25RMB for ten arrows.
Venue name: East Shanghai Shooting and Archery Club
Opening hours: Open 10am-10pm daily
Metro: Xujiahui
English address: 663 Hongqiao Lu, near Panyu Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 徐汇区虹桥路663号, 近番禺路