Luwan Stadium Sports Centre

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Daniel Wu
128 Zhaojiabang Lu
Luwan Stadium Sports Centre spreads out around a central running track and football pitches with an assortment of buildings offering outdoor (50-90RMB/hour) and indoor (280RMB/hour) tennis courts, badminton (20-60RMB/hour) and karate (750RMB/three months). A swimming pool and gym are also available (15RMB/hour, 20RMB registration fee for first timers).

Call ahead to book tennis (6467 5245) and badminton courts (6445 1045). The swimming pool is open to the public from 7am daily in July and August, otherwise from midday Monday through Friday and 10am Saturday and Sunday . The rest of the time you have to be a member of Star Gym to use the facilities (4,500RMB/year membership).
Venue name: Luwan Stadium Sports Centre
Opening hours: Open 7am-9pm daily
Metro: Jiashan Lu
English address: 128 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu, Huangpu
Chinese address: 黄埔区肇嘉浜路128号, 近陕西南路