Jump 360

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Photograph: courtesy Jump 360
258 Chang Jiang Lu

This massive 5,550 sqm indoor space, the second property owned by Jump 360 after their existing Minhang branch, is full of dozens of trampolines, foam pits and obstacle courses. ‘This sounds like something for kids’ might be the gut reaction to something like this, but you’d be wrong to assume so. There is a child-friendly area, but much of the space is geared towards adults, with two obstacle courses (the Ninja Course and the Warrior Course) as well as a Parkour Zone if you’re into free-running. And if you go all in, it’s physically challenging (don’t be surprised if you’re aching for a couple of days afterwards). Other highlights include the basketball area, where you can bounce and slam dunk to your heart's content, and bubble football.

The scale of the place as well as the variety of activities inside is impressive. Be warned that flying around on trampolines does come with a risk of injury (hence the mandatory safety video, plus lengthy waiver we have to sign before entering).

How to get there: take metro line 3 to Songfa Lu, which takes about half an hour from downtown Shanghai. Jump 360 is a 10 minute walk from the metro – head north on Yixian lu and turn left down at the 'Elite Valley' sign just before the old railway line (you’ll walk past a pretty cool steam engine too, and you can even jump inside if you fancy). Walk for around 5 minutes and you’ll see jump 360’s building on your left.

Venue name: Jump 360
Opening hours: 10am-9pm daily
Mobile: 137 6400 2240
Metro: Songfa Lu
English address: Elite Valley, 258 Chang Jiang Lu, near Jungong Lu Baoshan district
Chinese address: 上海市,长江路258号,中成智谷创意设计中心