Chuangyi Zhigu VR

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  • Things to Do
Photograph: Daniel Wu
No 628 Zhangchang Lu

Chuangyi Zhigu is one of many small apartment-based VR arcades in the city. Although the location is a little drab and hard to find, hidden behind a dusty storefront, the game rooms were comfortable enough and were separated by blinds and sliding doors, affording some welcome privacy we didn’t always have at other locations. Free soft drinks were also available for visitors. Gaming sessions go for 98RMB/hour on weekdays and 128RMB/hour on weekends.

Venue name: Chuangyi Zhigu VR
Opening hours: 10am - 12pm daily
Metro: Century Avenue
English address: 19C, 19th Floor Dongming Plaza Building 3, No 628 Zhangchang Lu, near Laoshan Lu Pudong district
Chinese address: 张杨路628弄东明广场3号楼19层19c室