Qianwei Ecological Village

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Photograph: courtesy Chongming Tourism Bureau
Qianwei Agricultural Tourism Area
Much like Mahota Farm, Qianwei has fields of its own and loads of hands-on activities. Pick a bouquet of roses from its massive rose garden or pluck fresh dragon fruit from its greenhouses for only a few RMB.
Venue name: Qianwei Ecological Village
Opening hours: 8am-4.30pm daily.
Admission: 60RMB; 30RMB (uni students); 20RMB (primary studen
Mobile: 5964 9261
English address: Qianwei Ecological Village, Qianwei Agricultural Tourism Area, near Linfeng Gong Lu Chongming Island
Chinese address: 崇明区竖新镇前卫村, 近林风公路