GAIA Space Center

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  • Things to Do
Photograph: Nicolas Thomas via Unsplash
168 Shangnan Lu
This makerspace’s classes are divided into three categories: ‘Baby Science’, basic science for three year olds; ‘Hands-on Science’, general science classes for children four to 12 years old and ‘Programming’, basic robot programming courses for children seven to 12 years old. GAIA also hosts birthday parties, weekend activities and summer/winter camps. The weekly bilingual classes come in a 48-week package, last one-and-a-half hours each and are generally around 14 students per class. Call for price details or to schedule a free trial class.
Venue name: GAIA Space Center
Opening hours: 10am-8pm daily
English address: 147-149 Area 3 168 Shangnan Lu, near Guozhan Lu
Chinese address: 上南路168号147-149室