Pop Corner

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Photograph: courtesy Pop Corner
35 Shaoxing Lu
Former Flask and Union Trading Company alumni have banded together to open a quirky retro China-themed cafe and bar on Shaoxing Lu. The drinks (98RMB each), presented on a menu resembling a game of Monopoly, are inspired by different parts of the world and showcase some serious cocktail nerdery – see intriguing infusions like creamed corn with bourbon or blue cheese with Aperol. Standouts include the Cape Town made with rooibos (a South African tea), gin and apricot jam, and the AK 47 Chocolate Bomb – an inebriating blend of dark chocolate yogurt fat-washed vodka and ten-year-old Talisker whiskey.
Venue name: Pop Corner
Opening hours: 11am-6.30pm (cafe); 7pm-2am daily
Metro: Shaanxi Nan Lu
English address: 35 Shaoxing Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu, Xuhui district
Chinese address: 绍兴路35号