Tera Wellness, Changning Raffles City

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Photograph: courtesy Tera Wellness
1191 Changning Lu
Tera Wellness gyms are ten-a-penny around Shanghai: no matter where you live or work, it's likely you'll be able to find a branch close to your most frequented metro stop/mall/happy hour spot. On a recent visit to the Channing Raffles City branch, we found that the gym was newly renovated with everything you'd technically need to stay in shape, but overall basic. This location is stocked with standard cardio machines, along with kettlebells and ropes, a boxing ring, and a group fitness studio. Changing rooms are equipped with mini saunas, and that’s pretty much your lot extras-wise.

The perks At the Changning branch, a small spin studio has daily classes. Opt for a multi-gym pass to use the swimming pools at other Tera locations.

The price 5,300RMB per year. 6,800RMB for two years. Negotiate hard as prices can initially start higher.
Venue name: Tera Wellness, Changning Raffles City
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
English address: Fourth Floor Changning Raffles City 1191 Changning Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu.
Chinese address: 长宁来福士广场, 凯旋路长宁路