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De Lan, IP Man 3 and Thithi among winners at Shanghai Film Festival

The big winners from the 2016 Shanghai International Film Festival

IP Man 3

Chinese film De Lan, Hollywood blockbuster IP Man 3 and Indian indie film Thithi emerged as some of the big winners from this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival, China's only A-list film festival. After the week-long event drew to a close in the small hours of this morning with a star-studded awards night, the red carpets have been rolled away for another year, with plenty of successful winners left cradling new awards and nursing sore heads.

In a coup for China's independent film making industry, Liu Jie's De Lan was the main winner of the festival, taking home the coveted Best Film Award in last night's Golden Goblets. The film, which touches on ethnic and political tensions, follows a young Han Chinese man whose father goes missing, pushing him to assume his father's role as loan officer to rural villages in Tibetan areas of northern Yunnan. In the course of his new work, he meets a heavily indebted local woman - De Lan - who is also hunting for a missing relative.

Collecting the award, Liu told the audience how difficult it had been to make the film, and dedicated it to everyone in China who struggled to make arthouse films. He said he hoped to see his film released in cinemas in China.


Dong Zijian as Xiao Wang in De Lan

The full list of winners in the Golden Goblet Awards is below:

Best Film: De Lan (China)
Critic's choice: See you in Texas (Italy)
Best director: Antti Jokinen (Finland) for his film Flowers of Evil
Best actor: Liu Ye (China) for his performance in Cock and Bull
Best actress: Naomi Fujiyama (Japan) for her performance in The Projects
Best script: Elisabeth Escher (Germany) for the film Hanna's Sleeping Dogs
Best cinematography: Guo Daming (China) for the film Soul on a String
Art contribution award: Haze (Phillipines)
Best documentary: When Two Worlds Collide (Peru)
Best animation: Molly Monster (Germany/Sweden/Switzerland)

At the Asian New Talent Awards ceremony, Indian film Thithi was named as winner of the Best Film award. Raam Pratap Reddy’s film tells the story of three generations of sons reacting to the death of their grandfather in a remote village in southern India, using local farmers from villages in the Mandya district of Karnataka rather than professional actors to play the parts. Watch the trailer below (VPN needed):

Also in the Asian New Talent section, Chinese actor Qin Yong won Best Actor for his performance in Nirvana, and Chinese actress Sun Yi won Best Actress for her performance in Pleasure·love. The Best Cinematographer award went to Thailand's Puttinpong Aroonpheng for the film The Island Funeral.

IP Man 3 featured heavily in the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week awards. The full list of winners are...

- Best Action Movie: IP Man 3

- Best Action Movie Director: Wilson Yip, IP Man 3

- Best Action Choreographer: Jon DeVore, Point Break

- Best Action Movie Actor: Owen Wilson, No Escape

- Best Action Movie Actress: Zhang Jingchu, For A Few Bullets

- Best Action Movie New Performer: Han Sang-Hyuk, Chasing

- Best Action Special Effects: Jeb Corliss, Point Break

- Best Fight: IP Man 3


In the Magnolia Awards for TV and animation, Sun Li received the Best Actress award for playing the role of Miyue, the first empress in series The Legend of Miyue, which was also the winner in the Best TV Series category.

Actor Hu Ge was named best actor for his portrayal of a man who avenges his family’s life in Nirvana In Fire. Meanwhile, a little-known TV series called Game of Thrones - which recently clinched a local TV distribution deal here - was coincidentally named best foreign series.

Stars spotted on red carpets through the week included Bradley Cooper and Ian McKellen (the latter also appeared at Cotton Club, The Bund, and the marriage market in People's Square), directors Ang Lee and Renny Harlinwere, plus Chinese superstars Fan Bingbing, Shu Qi and Jackie Chan.


The delightful Sir Ian at the marriage market

In total, around 600 films were shown during the festival, taking around 20 million RMB in total at the box office, said organisers.

Other bits of news emerged during the star-studded week, including: two new Sino-UK films will be produced in a deal between SMG Pictures and the ZhongZe China-UK Film Fund; the Shanghai Writers' Association and SMG Pictures launched a scheme to offer funding to new young novelists and film makers; and the third Silk Road International Film Festival will return to Xian this September, presenting an array of films from Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and European cinema.

For plenty of pictures of glamorous types on red carpets from the 2016 Film Festival, check out SIFF’s Weibo page.